In the 1950’s Gerry Montano started a private primary school with eight children, including his children and a few other children of friends, in the playroom of his house. He purchased a building from an oilfield in south Trinidad and had it transported to a parcel of land on Aleong St., Vistabella. This schoolhouse opened in 1961.

In 1978 it was discovered that the school known as Vistabella Private would soon be forced into vacating the location in which they were residing. A parcel of land was acquired in Palmiste in 1979 and construction of a school commenced later in the year.

Cedar Grove School, a non-profit co-operative school formally named Cedar Grove Cooperative Society Ltd., was incorporated on the 29th January, 1979.

The operations were formally transferred to the co-operative with effect from 1st October, 1980.The year 1996 marked another important milestone in the history of Cedar Grove, the school was able to initialize several new ventures.

The largest structural expansion of the school was undertaken with the emphasis on enhancing facilities for the provision of quality education for our children. The new wing consisted of a Science Lab, computer room, additional classrooms, administration and staff room.

In 2003, the completion of upstairs classrooms was achieved with Grades 3, 4 and 5 being housed there. Several classes in the lower school were made larger and the separate Art and Library classrooms were refurbished. The science room was also refurbished with new equipment and math manipulative. Several computers were purchased to allow more individual access by students to technology at the school.

Past Principals

Ms. Rose Skinner
Mrs. Marjorie Patrick
Mrs. Brenda Carty
Mrs. Patricia Ogiloie-Frederck
Mrs. Sybil Calender
Mr. Daryl Ratiram
Mrs. Marion Dass
Mrs. Priscilla Jute
Mrs. Irma Sanowar
Mrs. Laureen Debance-Misir
Mrs. J. Chinnia