Cedar Grove Private School’s Christmas presentation of Children Of The World took place before a packed auditorium at the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, on December 3 at 5 pm. Parents, teachers and other well-wishers poured in to see the children showcase different Christmas traditions from far-off places like Poland, China, Australia, Malawi, India and Eire (Ireland).

In the opening scene, the Angel Gabriel, portrayed by Michael Krogh, told the other angels to fly quickly to their destinations and bring the children back quickly. This was followed by the Grade 5 class singing Gabriel Calling and Alleluia. As a tribute to the baby Jesus in the Nativity scene set up on-stage, the pre-kindergarten classes one and two sang a soft and sweet version of Away in a Manger. Samantha Holder, who was the Kind Angel, gave a beautiful rendition of Emmanuel.

Hopeful Angel (Shawnte Mohammed) said: “I hope I did my job well. I brought the children from Poland and they were real little stars.” The lower kindergarten class then sang and danced to the song Little Star. Clever Angel (Adam AlKhal) said his charges from China taught him so many things. Cedar Grove’s Grade one class, dressed in bright red costumes, said every year they make the tree beautiful with paper decorations. They then sang and did a fan dance to the song Tree of Light.

Excited Angel, Nirvana Arjoonsingh, ushered in the children from Australia. The Grade Three children, dressed in bright beachwear, stated, “We are off to the beach for Christmas to put a shrimp on the ‘barbie.’ “Christmas is in the middle of summer holidays but we still decorate the tree with artificial snow and wear Santa hats instead of sun hats.”

Fashion Angel’s Cassie Chung presented the children of Malawi, who said that they love to sing and dance and go around to their neighbours singing Christmas songs. After their performance of Kuyimba they declared, “We are not rich like the kings who had gold, frankincense and myrrh instead we give you our voices.”

The children of India, dressed in vivid hues of orange, yellow and gold, were ushered in by Bossy Angel (Chelsie Mackie). The children from there said, “On Christmas Eve we decorate with candles and poinsettias. We spend Christmas in prayer and thanksgiving. Also on Christmas we put baby Jesus in a crib and welcome him into our homes.” They sang as well as danced to An Angel Appeared In The Sky.

The Kind Angel presented the children of Eire who stated, “We will light candles in our windows tonight. The youngest child will light the candle. It will show Mary and Joseph that we are ready for them, we will not tell them there is no room. Baby Jesus here is a candle to light your way to the stable. Help us to shine like candles in the night and be good children.” They lit up the stage singing and dancing to the song Christmas Candle.

Cedar Grove’s Grade Five class gave a fantastic rendition of Trini Christmas is the Best after reminding the audience not to forget the many traditions we have in Trinidad and Tobago. For a finale, the entire cast came out and closed the show with the song Children of the World.

Original Article by Catherine Copeland of the Trinidad Guardian