Little Red Riding Hood, Nancy Drew, Naughty Amelia Jane, Harry Potter and Zorro were just some of the characters Cedar Grove School pupils and teachers dressed as on March 4. The Palmiste school’s principal, Laureen Debance-Misir, asked everyone to dress as their favourite literary character in honour of World Book Day.

Debance-Misir stated, “This is the first time we are doing this at Cedar Grove and the response was very good. (When I was) a principal in England, we used to do activities like this to encourage reading. It has increased reading levels in the school and has encouraged the children to cut back on television and Internet activities. We also have the children read one book per week and write a report on it.”

There were several competitions that day, including Best Champion Readers, Choral Speaking and Poetry Recitals for the upper and lower schools. Grade One took the trophy for the most books read; collectively reading 124 books. Maliha Misir placed first for Best Champion Reader, followed by Shivala Rampersad and Cherisse Bovell.

Grade Three placed second, as their class read 97 books. Its champion readers were Elise Miller, Nadia Cissie and Niall Duncan. Grade One also copped first place for its choral speaking piece–The Frog in The Log–followed by Pre-Kindergarten Two, reciting Three Little Kittens.

Grade Four’s Taylor Pollonais’ recital of Remember Our Elders earned him first place in the upper school’s poetry competition. He was followed by Raelyn McKenzie of Grade Two, with her delivery of My Dream, and Grade Three’s Elise Miller, reciting Love You Naturelands.

Debance-Misir added: “We will definitely be doing this again next year and will also be including a poetry workshop for Grades Three to Five, as part of a literacy programme for teachers. “There is also an ongoing book fair, where students make a wish list and parents come and purchase books for their children.”

Original Article by Catherine Copeland of the Trinidad Guardian