Every journey begins with a dream and when the students of the 2011 graduating class of Cedar Grove Private School made their first step years ago into the school, that dream began.Last month end, the students dressed elegantly and with a look of accomplishment on their faces sat on the stage of the Naparima Bowl, San Fernando, as the centre of attention at their graduation and prize distribution ceremony.Parents, teachers and well wishers came out to pay tribute to the students who overcame many hurdles and obstacles as they completed an important part of their adolescent lives.

School principal Debance Misir told graduates that their special day was only possible through years of hard work. ” There have been trials and tribulations, which we overcame, challenges met, mountains conquered and dreams realised,” Misir said.The principal expressed pride when she highlighted the school’s memorable moments which included the Mighty Sparrow’s visit earlier this year.

Chairman of the school’s board Dr P Ramoutar congratulated the students and told them that hard work and diligence always pay off in the end. He encouraged them to keep the virtues learnt at the school as they go forward into their various secondary schools.The ceremony was packed with lovely entertainment which included a cheerful Latin dance from Grade two students. The graduating class then performed a wonderful rendition of Celine Dion’s The Power of Dreams.Students from all levels of the school received awards in the various subject areas.

Original article by Kevon Felmine of the Trinidad Guardian